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We have no limits

Project Development

Creating a room for a child is creating a fairytale, a new fascinating story to tell and to draw.
Everything is possible in a fairytale.
Thus, we have no limits in project development, adjusting our furniture to the required measurements and furnishing rooms ranging from 16 to 50 square meters.

Modular System

With our modular system, solutions for furnishing a room are innumerable: bridges, modules, accessories may be combined  in the infinity of ways.

Unique Products

One of a kind

All our products are unique and original.
Opting for Ebanisteria Bacci, you give your child a unique fairytale written by your own hand to enjoy day after day.

We create fairytales

We don’t just create bedroom.
We create a style, a fairytale for your children to live in, to dream in and grow.

Our Catalogs

Fabulous home collection

Bolgheri Catalogue

Bolgheri Catalogue


Let us present to you Bolgheri – our brand new luxury collection created to cherish your dreams.
Nubuck and lacquered wood make a perfect couple for this romantic art-deco furniture.
It is both gorgeous and functional, full of embracing shapes and fluid forms.
Exquisite curved elements, soft precious fabrics and elegant embroidery make it a true  masterpiece of craftsmanship and a quintessence of made in Italy.
Its classical design with some hints of contemporaneity will win the heart of every person who knows what good taste is.

Children Bedrooms

Little Princess Collection

Rockstar Collection

Vanity Collection

First Class 2017 Collection

First Class Collection

Sophie Baby Collection

Bonne Nuit Collection

Elegance Collection

Fantasy Collection

Maison Jolie Collection

Sophie Collection

Who we are

Ebanisteria Bacci was established in July 2007 on the basis of F.lli Bacci, which already had thirty years’ experience in production and sale of classic furniture. Since 2007 the factory has specialized  in children’s furniture, maintaining the best traditions of high craftsmanship. Our product has attained success on the international level due to its quality, originality and individual approach that we offer be it a single customer or a big project. Each bedroom which is created in our laboratory is unique because it is custom-made. Our customers are free to choose colours and finishings as well as various complements, from cushions to lamps, to complete their interior.

Latest Exhibitions

Milan International Fair 2015


Crocus International Fair 2014


Milan International Fair 2014